A Negroni fit for a king
Brought to you by The King’s Ginger

Words: Mark Calderbank   Photography by Steve Ryan

A Negroni fit for a king

King’s Ginger cocktail


Everyone loves a Negroni. Or do they? Over the last few Summers it’s been a fashionable order at the bar.
In the same way Sex in the City gave people the confidence to order a Cosmopolitan it seems like Instagram gave Londoners the ability to look a bartender in the eye and start their night off with a Negroni whether they like them or not. There’s a stench of the emperors new clothes about this bitter serve. And speaking of emperors we’re going to make our own version of the cocktail with help of a local King.
We need to go back quite a way first though, to 1903 and King Edward VII, who by all accounts was a bit of a maverick. A true trailblazer who seemed to make a tradition out of breaking traditions. A great example of this was when he bought a Daimler, becoming the first Royal to own one. After his first outing in his ‘horseless carriage’ he was hooked and became an enthusiastic motorist. So much so that he bought another seven Daimlers a few years later.
The King liked nothing better than early morning rides in his open topped car, which worried the Royal Physician because of the amount if time the King was being exposed to the elements. Befitting this trailblazing lifestyle, the physician commissioned Berry Bros & Rudd to find a solution that would warm and revivify King Edward during his rides. The Kings Ginger was born.
Ginger has been celebrated for its medicinal qualities for years and this rich, golden liquid helped King Edward stay prepared for anything. Whole, hand-picked ginger from China is shredded, placed in cotton bags and steeped in water for 24 hours before being macerated in a neutral spirit in batches for four weeks. The ginger extract is then combined with distilled lemon oil and a small drop of 30 year old Scotch Whisky. Finally, sugar is added to balance the flavours and reverse osmosis water is added to reduce the ABV from 61% to 41%.
For a refreshingly colourful twist on the most popular cocktail at the moment, swap your Gin for The King's Ginger, with a dash of Angostura Bitters, to make a King’s & Tonic.
Shown here is a regal twist on the classic Negroni, with a hit of spice and smooth sweetness from The King’s Ginger, which replaces the bitterness that dominates when Campari shows up in your glass.
King’s Negroni Even if you don’t own a convertible, you can be pretty sure King Edward VII would approve.
1 Part The King’s Ginger
1 Part No.3 Gin
1 Part Vermouth
Build in a glass over ice and add an orange twist. This can also be prepared in batches to serve by pouring over ice.
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