Art of cooking veg
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Words: Alex Denman   Photography by Morgan Hill-Murphy

Art of cooking veg

Riverford masterclass at the Duke of Cambridge.


If you’re abstaining from meat, or just trying to cut back on animal products, then it’s worth getting your veg cooking skills up to scratch. We all know vegetarians who dropped meat from their diets, only to gorge on Green & Blacks and Doritos to fill the void. Don’t let this happen to you! If you’re meat inclined then you can still benefit from including more organic veg in your diet. Just think, the next time you plate up a steak and three veg, at least the carrots, potato, and broccoli will be pesticide free.

Art of Cooking Veg

Master Veg is part of Riverford’s holistic approach to encouraging everyone to think more seasonally and sustainably. Having the practical skills and inspiration to keep cooking veg throughout the seasons is something that can benefit us all. With some practical instruction and professional guidance through the recipes, you’ll be taking your kitchen repertoire to the next level. Learn how to cook restaurant quality dishes for friends and family at home.

Like all things Riverford, Master Veg is practical, hands-on, and designed to help you consider the bigger picture of where food comes from. Expect to find yourself talking about suppliers and what’s in season while you’re happily chopping and prepping. You might like to hear anecdotes of founder Guy Watson’s latest bug-bears in the food industry or new initiatives at the Riverford farm in Devon.

It’s also a great way to connect with like minded people, and by proxy with vegetable growers in the UK who all share the vision of a more sustainable food chain. You’ll come away with an elevated confidence in your cooking abilities, and an appreciation for the farmers on the ground who supply to Riverford. All products on are certified organic so you’re never left guessing, and everything is influenced by the seasons. Farmers are planting, growing and harvesting to a calendar set by nature, not a corporation.

Art of Cooking Veg

To quote Guy himself: “My dream is that a veg box will seem like an allotment without the work, and that Riverford will make veg the stars of your eating.”

Riverford Master Veg classes are held all over the UK, and you don’t need to be a Riverford subscriber to attend. You’ll find yourself rubbing shoulders and clinking glasses with people who all share a passion for learning and cooking in a social environment. You could be sharing the table with an experienced home cook, a trained chef or someone picking up a knife for the first time. All levels of experience are welcome. Book via, where classes are scheduled frequently, with a set number of participants per class.

We joined Master Veg at the Duke of Cambridge in Islington (Riverford’s own organic pub). The menu is organic 7 days a week and cosy decor features herbs and flowers from the farm.

Our class was lead by Albi Ison and Ann Storr who are both passionate about food, vegetables and sustainability. Albi has a background with the Ottolenghi group at NOPI in SOHO, and also first-hand experience with plant-based diets and Ultra-Marathon running. He’s a private chef and natural wine expert by day. Ann brings a sharp wit to the kitchen, and has made it her personal mission to find creative solutions to domestic leftovers. She blogs under the mantra #neveraleftoverleftover at

Art of Cooking veg

Together Albi and Ann walked us through the art of chopping onions the right way, peeling ginger using a teaspoon (yes that’s the best way to do it) as well as some everyday tips that are second nature to chefs. Cue wet paper towel under chopping boards to stop them slipping, and using the back of your knife to push vegetables into the pot, so you don’t shave the board.

Classes last approximately 2.5 hours and provide first-hand experience of how a Riverford recipe box works. A self contained box of vegetables, herbs and spices with matching instructions that let you make fast and delicious meals at home. Everyone gets hands-on with peeling, shredding, stirring until the dishes are complete and there’s a communal sit down to share the feast.

Art of Cooking Veg

Riverford at The Duke of Cambridge
30 St Peter’s Street, N1 8JT

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