#Behindthepass - Koya

Words: Steve Ryan   Photography by Steve Ryan

#Behindthepass - Koya

Behind the scenes at our favourite restaurants


Below the restaurant is Koya’s noodle factory. Every morning they bike fresh noodles over to their sister restaurant in Soho.

Chef Shuko has a collection of Japanese knives each from a different producer depending on their use. The knife Shuko is using for the mackerel is a Deba knife which is a thick one sided Japanese blade.

The mackerel is from Cornwall and is filleted then cured in salt and sugar, then is cured in vinegar and comb seaweed.

Chef Shuko cures the mackerel with a mixture of salt and sugar.

The calm before the lunch rush.

After boiling for 18 minutes the noodles are cooled down in cold water.

The team gets together to taste and discuss new blackboard specials.

A portion of noodles are measured out for a serve.

Udon noodles in a hot vegan broth.