#Behindthepass - The Coal Office

Words: Nick Warner   Photography by Nick Warner

#Behindthepass - The Coal Office

Behind the scenes at our favourite restaurants


Israeli Chef Assaf first learnt to love food in his Grandmother’s kitchen as a child. After a string of internships in Europe Assaf opened his first restaurant. He has since become a leading name in adapting Israeli cuisine.

The menu concept conceived by Chef Assaf Granit for Coal Office explores the food of his childhood in Jerusalem, also bringing in influences from other parts of the Middle East and The Mediterranean.

Coal Office is a collaboration between Chef Assaf and designer Tom Dixon. The interior of the restaurant is as rich and experimental as the food.

Assaf walked us through a favourite dish of his — Baked bone marrow with midnight Shawarma and caramelised onions. The marrow is baked in the bone.

Toasted brioche is draped over the baked bone and shawarma.

The dish is finished with a chilli oil.

The plating and presentation of the food at Coal Office is utterly in keeping with the table dressing and interior design — elemental components are combined in a perfect balance to create an effect both minimalistic and ostentatious.

Coal Office