Breakfast, lunch and dinner Bristol

Words: Elly Pear   Nick Hook (Pi Shop) + Bakers & Co

Breakfast, lunch and dinner Bristol

The inside word from a local


Breakfast: Bakers & Co.

I can get exactly the sort of breakfast I like at Bakers & Co, and that’s why, despite the new places that open all the time, I keep going back.

Their coffee is excellent and they have the particular brand of oat milk I like. Yes, I’m fussy about that but it’s my breakfast, and I’ve not had coffee yet, so don’t argue with me.

Their huevos rancheros is perfect. It’s nutritious but also massive, and good at erasing hangovers. The refried beans and fried eggs sit alongside little piles of fresh red and green salsas, and even though it comes with corn tortillas, I always order a side dish of toast and smashed avocado too, because it’s brunch after all. They do loads of nice cakes too, so breakfast pudding is also an option.

After breakfast, wander along Gloucester Road and marvel at the neighbourhood’s winning stretch of independent shops including grocers, butchers, fishmongers, bakers, wholefood shops, delis and more.


Lunch: Pi shop

We have some seriously good pizza in Bristol now and my vote for top dog goes to Pi Shop. If you’re out for lunch on a Friday or Saturday, head here.

Their pizzas are incredible, Naples-style beauties with topping choices limited and simple—just as they should be.

They’ve recently started doing things a bit differently. They bake their marinara, margherita and white base pizzas in their big shiny oven and then they add the toppings as soon as they come out. Why? you ask. They argue that this method allows the toppings to stay vibrant and delicious. The heat from the base gently warms through everything that is added.

I always go for a JR—black olives, anchovies and basil on a Puglia tomato and De Luca organic mozzarella base.

I recommend ordering a Severn Project salad with their house dressing (the most perfect side salad I’ve ever had) and get the extra fresh herb dip for your crusts. There’s always a single pudding on—soft serve ice cream with a seasonal twist. It’s currently Yorkshire rhubarb.

Pi Shop is one of those restaurants where it’s super easy to order. Just tell them you want everything.


Dinner: Root

I get asked for restaurant recommendations for Bristol a lot. All the time. It’s wonderful that there’s a (newish) restaurant in town that I feel confident will be perfect for everyone, whatever the occasion and whatever vibe they’re looking for.

My answer is consistently Root though, because it’s absolutely brilliant. It’s a small plate restaurant serving lots of veg and a little bit of meat/fish. Housed inside a shipping container at Wapping Wharf on the harbourside, it’s surrounded by loads of other bars and restaurants and even an off licence (Corks) on the ground level, where you can drink anything you like off the shelves, with a small corkage fee of £6 (or £1 for beers).

Once upstairs and seated in Root, you’re in for a treat. I recommend going in a group of four and ordering as much as you can. Share it all.

Definitely order the smoky charred flatbread and the cod’s roe while you look at the menu. The beetroot dish is a classic that stays on the menu and should not be missed.

The main menu stays vegetable focused and the specials board is usually where you’ll find the meat and fish dishes. They are particularly conscious of the environmental impact of their menus and buy in small amounts of meat and fish and change cuts / species regularly.

Head Chef Rob Howell is nailing it, and the whole team is fab. It’s a small place and yes, you definitely need to book.