And...we’re back in the room. Or rooms, kitchens and restaurants, to be precise - it’s time for Season Two of the Root+Bone podcast. We’re so happy to be allowed back into kitchens at last, and it’s been a real joy to be meeting new people, talking about food, getting to know another stellar cast of the most interesting folk we can find in UK food culture.

Jimmy Doherty at home in Suffolk

We’ve got some real heavyweights lined up for this season - Ravneet Gill, Jimmy Doherty, Tim Hayward, Simon Rogan - but we’re launching with a flourish. Our first guest for Season 2 is Anna Jones.

Anna Jones at home in East London

She’s one of the most successful, accessible and interesting cookbook writers this country has ever produced, with writing and recipes that a truly tempting case for a vegetarian and vegan diet. Her latest book One is a chart-topping bestseller, and she can count Yotam Ottolenghi, Jamie Oliver, Sophie Dahl and hundreds of thousands of others in her fanbase.

Anna's pickled chillies and confit tomatoes, with coriander seed

We joined Anna at her East London home for a meal of blackened corn salad with pickled chillies, plus confit tomatoes with coriander seed and spiced yoghurt and toasted bread, washed down with a lightly sparking Pet Nat wine from Davenport Vineyards in Sussex. It was a brilliant start to the season. So please join us for a chilled, funny and satisfying taste of late summer.

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