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We're in love with UK food culture. The chefs, the cooks, the producers, the makers, the characters who make this place such an endlessly fascinating and delicious place to be. The more of them we've met, the more we wanted to find a way to share the warmth, good humour and passion that gets those people up and cooking every day.

So we've launched the Root + Bone podcast so you can meet them too. Every episode, host Tim Wild gets invited to someone’s home, where they cook a meal that really means something to them and while our guests cook, they talk - about food, about restaurants, about all the stuff that makes life delicious.

We launched with a great episode featuring Richard H Turner (Hawksmoor, Blacklock, Meatopia and more), followed up with El Pastor owner and founder Crispin Somerville, and we'll also be featuring Em Brightman (Morano), Vivek Singh (Cinnamon Club), Will Bowlby (Kricket), Terri Mercieca (Happy Endings) in this first season. Expect frank opinions, salty anecdotes and some loud chewing noises.